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R&M_Thumbnails-6238 (1)Ron Frank, D.H.M., D.I.Hom., CNHP

Ron has been practicing homeopathy for over 25 years in Palmdale, California. Ron is committed to finding the least invasive and most rewarding paths to healing naturally for each individual. Because of this vision Ron has developed his own unique way of determining what is in the way of an individual healing them self naturally.

Ron has two separate degrees in homeopathy, a D.H.M. from the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in England and a D.I.Hom. from the British Institue of Homeopathy, U.S.A.. In addition, Ron has completed a 200 hour course with the College of Homeopathy, U.S.A., and has been an advisor for this college.

Ron feels blessed to have held a 2.5 year internship under his family’s homeopath and his mentor, Tennakoon George L. DeSilva H.M.D., a generous and honorable man and a courageous homeopathic practitioner.

Adjunct  Natural  Healing  Therapies

Ron is a certified natural health practitioner CNHP, and a trained Loomis digestive enzyme specialist.

Ron continues his studies on homeopathy and adjunct therapies such as gemmotherapy and nutrition throughout his practicing years as well as his own unique system for teaching others how to heal themselves naturally.

Homeopathy  Is  Ron’s  Way  of  Life
Let’s  Explore  Our  Health  Together!
What other natural therapies does Ron find useful when teaching people to heal themselves?


A natural healing therapy using the germinating buds of plants. Gemmotherapy has two distinct advantages over practical herbology. New life is protected from the potential of heavy metals and other toxins which are sometimes stored in the older parts of plants. The germinating buds also hold an abundance of plant growth hormones. Gemmotherapy can potentially be a safer and more effective adjunct therapy than herbology.

Technically gemmotherapy has been recognized as a method of drainage in which toxins are extracted from the cellular level outwards to the exterior through the excretory organs. In practice Ron finds gemmotherapy has a more nutritional response in it’s results.


We all understand the basic theory of nutritional healing which is to furnish whatever nutritional element the body is missing in order to help us heal. But, many times nutritional healing is exactly the opposite and requires finding out what substances already being used are direct obstacles to improving our health.

Ron has a very unique, precise, and profound method for finding these obstacles which seem to allude both mainstream medicine and other natural therapists.

Ron’s specific approach to nutrition is one of the reasons Ron has results with many people who have already tried everything else first, including other natural health therapies.

Practical Herbology

Herbs are simply foods we don’t eat anymore. They have now become medicinal because they are no longer in our modern, limited, and regular diet.

Consider, kelp supplying iodine or alfalfa supplying a healthy form of iron. Both of these foods/herbs are loaded with vitamins and minerals in general. But, they are naturally foods.

Digestive  Enzymes

Sometimes our lifestyle damages our digestive system creating an inability to extract what we need from our foods, supplements, or herbs.

Digestive enzymes are remarkable in certain situations and difficult to replace with other therapies. Ron is trained and has a certificate as a Lommis Digestive Enzyme Specialist.

Enzymes are fundamental to life. When we cook, box, bottle, can, freeze, jar, or preserve our food, the process destroys all the enzymes. Our food is no longer a complete food and our health suffers from it.

Our modern lifestyle is about bringing a food product to market we enjoy or crave, ignoring what is the healthiest of choices in that process.

Digestive enzymes can help to reverse and replace some of the results of an unhealthy processing of our foods.


Also known as trace element therapy, oligotherapy is a method of furnishing the body with ions the person has not been able to currently synthesize. These ions are found to be indispensable for cellular enzymatic functions.

Basically it is replacing trace elements which have not been provided to the body by nutrition or which have been stolen, or blocked by external or internal toxic agents.

How can we learn to heal ourselves and our families naturally?

Teaching  and  Lecturing

Ron is a dynamic and fun speaker who has lectured and taught classes extensively in the U.S.A. and Canada on homeopathy, gemmotherapy, and natural healing for well over 22 years.

Ron has great passion for natural healing and has enjoyed reaching out through his presentations to all communities from the basic mom and pop health food store to larger organizations such as Red Cross health fairs and into corporate settings such as Northrop-Grumman.

Participation is health and Ron brings a healthy, vital, and fun structure to our knowledge of healing.

If  interested  in  establishing  a  class  or  presentation  please  call  our  Palmdale  office  at 661-274-4449  or  contact  us  here.
Are you worried about your health or the health of a loved one?

Professional  Homeopathic  Consultations

Choosing to take on your health can be overwhelming at best!

Choosing to go to an alternative practitioner can be very new to some individuals. Ron appreciates the challenge created for people before they finally turn to alternative healing.

Ron has been effective and has had the most experience with people who have tried everything else before coming to homeopathy. When things don’t work, it takes a different tool to get a different result.

Ron takes time with you to find the specific causes for what created your ill health in the first place. Once those are discovered he then looks for the obstacles in the way for you to be able to heal yourself naturally.

From over 20 years of experience and producing results, Ron teaches you what your specific obstacles to healing are so you can make the changes you need to free your health.

Ron then asks that you get in touch with your body again so your body can tell you what works for you and what doesn’t. Once you learn to interpret and trust how you feel, your body becomes your coach for health, and Ron is no longer needed.

Your body doesn’t lie, it only responds.

We have great success and health when we listen and hear what our bodies have to tell us.

Ron’s  and  Your  Process  Together

Homeopathic remedies, supplements, and other adjunct therapies are hand picked for you as an individual. Ron only chooses items which have at least three uses which your body has expressed as a potential for your health before he gives any recommendations for them. These remedies are used as a temporary help to support your changes.

When the causes are found and addressed, bringing a natural state of health, eventually you have little need for medicinal substances or remedies beyond a healthy lifestyle.

All people are different.

The honest truth is, no practitioner can guarantee a result regardless if the practitioner is alternative or mainstream. Magic bullets are usually an illusion which bring side-effects. Healing takes time and patience and willingness to explore what really is there.

Healing  is  a  process.

Ron loves this holistic process and enjoys working with people who adventure or struggle through it. In the worse moments are the greatest opportunities, especially with health.

Ron and associates look forward to meeting with you!

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More information on what to expect in a consultation and specific desired results from homeopathic consultations are to be found in our, client resources, section.

Confessions Of A Homeopath
What  Is  Homeopathy?

I discovered homeopathy in my early twenties. Prior to that, I had never even heard of it! I was brought up solely with mainstream medicine and maybe a few vitamins here and there. That’s it. No other experience of alternative medicine, not even a chiropractor.

As a child, my experience with mainstream medicine taught me it was the only thing which had the capacity to save my life when I was in trouble. I was once under a breathing machine as a child and not expected to live, but I did. I’m pretty sure mainstream medicine saved my life with that machine.

However, had my parents known what I have since learned about natural healing and homeopathy, I believe that the machine never would have been necessary.

First  Contact

In 1989, I had my first contact with homeopathy–through my soon to be mother-in-law.

Her diagnosis was a supposedly incurable blood disease called ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura). She was living on Prednisone, a steroid drug to keep her life-threatening disease in check.

ITP is considered an autoimmune disease; her own body would attack its blood platelets and she would bleed from every orifice of her body. If she went off the steroids she would wind up in the hospital on multiple blood transfusions and suffer violent vomiting and purging while going into an extreme state of collapse with the bleeding.

Pretty dramatic!

At the time, my mother-in-law was a nurse at a hospital in Tucson, Arizona and was not a happy person. She knew she didn’t have much hope because she was watching some of her patients suffering and dying from the various side-effects of the very same drug she was taking for the ITP.

The Prednisone was keeping her alive, but it was also causing her severe depression, severe osteoporosis with lots of pains, and on those brittle painful bones was a very round and overweight woman due to Cushing’s Syndrome–a side-effect of long-term steroid use.

Discovery  of  an  Alternative

Her family had heard of a man having success with seemingly incurable health conditions like cancer. They wanted to help her, and luckily they were much more open to the idea than I was at the time of seeking that type of help for her.

Her family flew her in from Tucson, Arizona to Los Angeles, California to have a consultation with Dr. Tennakoon George L. DeSilva H.M.D.

Dr. DeSilva was from India. He had a thick accent and a great heart. He spent a lot of time with her and was compassionate about her suffering. After her visit with him she let go of her Prednisone that very day and never started it again.

However, she wasn’t fully healed or symptom free.

Although her blood platelets stopped falling, they were still very low and she would suffer flu-like symptoms once a month for a week at a time. However, this was still a great improvement, and she didn’t have to suffer that severe depression from the Prednisone, or the fear of advancing the other severe side-effects.

Quite remarkable for a single visit.

My  First  Confession

I soon went in for a personal visit with Dr. DeSilva myself. I wasn’t ill, but I could not fathom taking anyone off their life-sustaining medications in one day. I thought something was wrong.

My confession is, I went in for a visit partially to see if Dr. DeSilva was (that dreaded word used as propaganda against all non-medical practitioners) a quack!

After leaving his office with a little bottle of pellets to daily put under my tongue, an extensive dietary list of what to eat and what to avoid, and being told to boil my water before drinking it, I don’t know that I was as yet much convinced to the contrary.

However, after taking on his regime as a test, I watched my skin texture improve remarkably, and I felt more energetic and happier in general.
I don’t know that I believed any of it, but I started to feel less suspicious of this man.

Homeopathy did fascinate me from the beginning.

My  Second  Confession

After witnessing the way that Dr. DeSilva worked with my mother-in-law, my new wife and I decided to visit him again–this time with a different purpose in mind. We were ready to expand our family, and we wanted to do so with a healthy foundation. Before the visit, I had mentioned to her about the possibility of going to India so I might study more about homeopathy and understand the changes affecting our family.

It was just a passing thought at the time, and neither of us mentioned the idea to Dr. DeSilva during her first visit.

While she was in her visit with Dr. DeSilva to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and healthy children, Dr. DeSilva asked her outright if I would come and study homeopathy with him.

It was a surprising coincidence.

I decided to look into it sheerly from the curiosity of experiencing something I never knew existed and my own culture seemed to have a blind spot for it. I couldn’t comprehend how our science would not have known of this incredible potential for healing with homeopathy.

Dr. DeSilva had some strange requests of me before I started. He sent me to ask permission from my father to study homeopathy, and to give him a token gift of a pair of socks. Rituals from his culture.

I did comply with asking my father for permission, but I never gave him the socks. My father recommended looking into homeopathy just to learn about Dr. DeSilva’s culture and for the experience.

Previous to starting I had informed Dr. DeSilva that I wanted to learn about homeopathy and his culture, also I confessed to having no intention of practicing homeopathy in the future. He didn’t even lift an eyebrow; instead he launched into my lessons with a thick accent and copies of his own lessons from his time as a student in India over 28 years prior.

There was very little formality once I went into Dr. DeSilva’s office. From the first day I had direct contact with his clients, whom I gave intake forms and questionnaires designed to increase his efficiency. Dr. DeSilva never charged me a single dime for my training, and paid me for my help. On less busy days, he took me out to lunch.

My  Third  Confession

I struggled trusting all I was being taught because some of Dr. DeSilva’s cultural beliefs were difficult for me to understand.

I initially invalidated some of his teachings, considering them to be merely superstitions arising from the religious beliefs of his culture, akin to belief in the evil eye. I found out later in my own practice how misplaced my dismissal was. (I still don’t believe in the evil-eye; it’s not how I was raised). It took me over a decade to resolve this distrust within myself, and to acknowledge that a person’s inherent cultural/spiritual beliefs does not hinder his/her ability as a healer. I realized that my assumptions were not grounded in reality, not much different than assuming that because someone was raised as a Republican or as a Democrat that he/she could not be an effective physicist, doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc.

Because of my mistrust and suspicion I didn’t believe anything until I actually witnessed the results. I also chose to seek out other sources on homeopathy, including books by people such as Dr. Marjorie Blackie. Dr. Marjorie Blackie was a homeopath and the chief physician to Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family at the time.

While I was reading Dr. Marjorie Blackie’s book, she gave recommendations for remedies to be considered in certain conditions. One remedy she recommended was for Purpura.

My  Fourth  Confession

I don’t know what it is like for medical doctors, but as you learn about the remedies or medicines you can’t help but think you need them yourself, or that someone in your family does. Luckily, these were homeopathic remedies which have no side-effects, otherwise I most likely would have been frothing from the mouth on the floor drooling and kicking in a seizure from the amount of remedies I tried personally.

I was determined to try this on my mother-in-law, who suffered from purpura. Even though I was not yet thoroughly trained, she surprisingly agreed to work with me. Knowing that homeopathy does not cause any toxic side effects gave us both the confidence to take on the experiment.

She was working at the hospital and could get a blood test anytime she needed. My mother-in-law took a standard blood test before taking the remedy Marjorie Blackie had recommended in her book. Before taking the remedy, her blood test showed her blood platelets were very low, just in the 90’s. (These values are actually in thousands just for clarity.)

She took a dose of the new homeopathic remedy. The very next day, before I would have expected any results, she took another blood test. That second blood test showed her platelets had jumped to a high normal, in the 300’s, and stayed!

In addition to her platelet level returning to a healthy level, she also stopped experiencing the week-long flu-like symptoms she had suffered from each month. She felt much better overall, and was able to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Now, this was a dramatic improvement; I was hooked. Potential cures, without side effects, were within my reach, and our experiment had demonstrated just how easy and clear the results could be. Beyond my own scientific curiosity, having the ability to help someone I deeply cared for feel better was immensely valuable. The idea of practicing homeopathy as a profession suddenly became a real possibility for me.

What else was there to do?

There were many other similar examples; our family continued to experience dramatic results with homeopathy during the years I was studying. My wife during that time had an incredible amount of cysts in her breasts from her over-indulgence in caffeinated products. Dr. DeSilva put her on a restricted diet, stressed that she avoid all caffeine, and gave her a homeopathic remedy. Within a month all the cysts were gone.

I also experienced results from homeopathy personally. A white spot developed in my right eye sclera in the same place I had been stabbed while fencing without a mask as a not too bright teenager.Dr. DeSilva at the time felt it was cancer. I didn’t believe him, but I took his remedy of phosphorus and recommitted to the dietary protocol. The white spot disappeared and didn’t reappear for a decade. *

The  Importance  of  Paper

About two years into my internship, my mentor Dr. DeSilva turned to me and said to go to a homeopathic college. He told me to get a piece of paper with some letters after my name before I started my practice. Dr. DeSilva felt that people like to see that in their practitioner.

So, I did.

I went to what was then called “The College of Homeopathy.” It was run by Dr. Trevor M. Cook, an English man, who at the time was the pharmacist who officially supplied the homeopathic remedies to her Majesty the Queen. I had many teachers, including Dr. Cook. Many of my teachers were medical doctors and practicing homeopaths being flown in from around the United States.

Some of these teachers were quite rigorous. There were very few of us who passed those exams the first time out.

And thanks to Dr. DeSilva’s mentor-ship, I was able to pass the first time.

Traumatic  Initiation  into  a  Homeopathic  Practice

Several years later, when I had just begun my own homeopathy practice, my mother-in-law suffered a severe relapse. I was awoken about 4 am. with an urgent phone call; she was collapsing into the old symptoms fast. She was refusing to go back into the hospital because she would not go back on that Prednisone, as she put it. She lived over eight hours away from us, in another state.

This relapse was two days before Christmas, which was tragic for her. She feared that her sickness–and possible death–would prevent her from spending time with her greatest loves: her grand kids. My wife and I had a new baby on the way, I had just recently started my own practice, we had just purchased our first home, and my mother-in-law was in a life or death situation and not going for medical help. I felt in over my head, to say the least.

I sat on our bed with a book called Kent’s Repertory, which was written roughly 100 years ago. It was all I had. All I could do was search through my training from Dr. DeSilva and this old book for a clue of what remedy to choose–if any- to stop this collapse.

What if I fail to find a homeopathic remedy right now? What if there isn’t a remedy for this current situation? Though my mind was racing and my heart was pounding, I had to silence those fears and just keep looking.

A remedy for a collapse state similar to what she was going through, camphor, showed up to me. I had no personal experience to show that it would work. However,out of everything I had learned from all of my experienced teachers, this seemed the most logical choice.

The  Real  Hero  of  the  Hour!

My mother-in-law could go nowhere by this time, let alone pick up a remedy. She suffered with violent vomiting and purging, an ice cold body threatening internal bleeding, and a blindingly painful headache.

The only person my wife could find available to pick up the remedy was my mother-in-law’s ex-husband’s boss. She had to convince him to go wait at the pharmacy until it opened, to purchase an item he was totally unfamiliar with, and finally, to bring this remedy back to his employee’s ex-wife. I have no idea how my wife made this all happen, but she did.

We were all in a state of shock. We waited, on edge, for several hours to see if the remedy would work. Fortunately, it did! She was better by the next day, and got to see her grandchildren for Christmas after all.

Though I was greatly relieved to witness her dramatic improvement, along with everyone else, the series of events left me shaken.

Fear  of  Failure…

Yet another confession:

The day following that shocking series of events was Christmas Eve. While driving my wife and children to my parent’s house for holiday festivities, my mind was elsewhere; I was suddenly confronted with this newly bestowed responsibility for people’s lives. Despite–or perhaps, in spite–of my successful remedy choice, I was completely overwhelmed, and wondering how I was ever going to survive my new practice. Not surprisingly, I got into a car accident.

Thankfully, no one was physically injured in the accident, except the cars. Christmas was a little rough though.

I also got sick shortly after that, for the same reason, with a fever I could not shake. I needed both the help of my mentor, in choosing a remedy, and a friend, who talked me through my fear of this new level of responsibility.
It took about two weeks for both the fever and the fear to run their course, but I did learn first-hand how stress can be a direct cause of our ailments. This was a great example for me as a young practitioner of our mind-body connection!

Experience  Is  Everything  for  a  Practitioner  of  Homeopathy

What I gained from the experience is also where my talent as a practitioner has now grown the strongest. I was so afraid of having to deal with that situation happening again that I demanded of myself to find out why she relapsed.

After thoroughly questioning her regarding her actions during the month prior to the collapse, there was only one thing which stood out to me. She had gone to the dentist just three days prior, and been given medications while she was there. One of those medications was Valium. Upon reading the medical literature, I realized this drug was not supposed to be given to people with a blood disease. In addition, she was also prescribed drugs for pain, which likely contributed to the sudden downward spiral just as much if not more than the Valium.

I asked her to check her medical and dental records to see if any of her other relapses resulting in necessary blood transfusions followed dentist appointments. We found that not only did they occur after dentist appointments, but they always took place three days afterwards. This episode was no different!

In the almost 10 years I was married to her daughter, she never went to the dentist again.

And, tellingly, she never had a relapse again…

This traumatic episode taught me to always seek out the actions and events that led to the ill health in the first place for each individual.

My personal lesson is:

When successful at relieving the symptoms with a remedy, if we don’t discover and deal with what brought it on in the first place, it will cost someone in the future.

My brother-in-law also became a homeopath out of his experiences, and he eventually took over her healthcare.

My mother-in-law passed away, I’m sad to say, just last year–about 20 years after these events. I don’t exactly know what she passed away from, but from what my children described, it may have had a lot to do with the side-effects from the years of steroidal drug use prior to homeopathic interventions.

Which brings us to…

My  Final  Confession

I never thanked Susan for the difference she made in all our lives, my client’s lives, and especially my children’s. We are all healthier because of her.

I would not know of homeopathy had it not been for her…

*The spot in my right eye sclera eventually did come back and was diagnosed by a medical doctor as cancer. It did not respond to my own choice to re-do the phosphorus, probably because I didn’t make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes at that point in my life. I had also not kept up the life changes which would have prevented it. Again, without addressing the causes there will be a cost. I had it surgically removed successfully and reconfirmed in the lab result as cancer as Dr. DeSilva suspected over a decade previous. I have now made those lifestyle changes permanent for myself, with slight indiscretions, and with no recurrence for well over a decade.

PS. Some names have been changed in this story to protect privacy.

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