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When it comes to your family’s health, are you all ears?

I am all ears.  Anything that I can rely upon to take care of my family’s health and well being naturally has my attention.  These pages will be dedicated to what I’ve learned through my completely non-medical practice of Homeopathy for over 20 years which has made the greatest difference for myself, my family, and my clients.  Much of the information I will wish to write about is not in books.  It is from my experiences.  These pages will be about empirical observation, where what is discussed is just what is observed.  Natural phenomenon as compared to mechanical theory.

Comparatively, mainstream western medicine uses theory and rationalization as the guide for therapies chosen to be used on our population.  Rationalization can be misleading especially if we relate to ourselves as non-living machines.  When some information doesn’t fit in the mechanical theory it is simply tossed out, ignored, or even attacked. These pages will be about empiricism where we rely just on what works without trying to explain why or how.  Empiricism as a science gives us a freedom from the prejudices and limitations within the current model of science which ignores how we are natural and not machines.

What is life?  Have we ever been able to find the absolute definitive truth of what makes us alive?  The answer is a huge no.  If you take us all apart and put us together again we don’t return to functioning like a lawnmower would.   We would be dead, permanently. Mechanical theories regarding the health of living beings is ridiculous without understanding exactly what makes us alive.  It might even be absurd if we did understand what alive really is.  We just don’t know.

There is great potential in stepping out of a mechanical model with healing.  We gain incredible tools never looked at because they are natural and everywhere as an expression of living.  As a real life example:  Over 4 years ago a woman diagnosed with cancer asked for help because she was given 4 months to live if she did the chemo-therapy treatments recommended by her doctor.  She was in great pain and fear of death at the time.  Even through that amount of fear she chose for herself a very brave path.  A different path than most.  Because of only having 4 months to live at the outside she choose not to do the therapy which gave her such a horrible prognosis.  Instead she chose to use natural therapies which gave her no prognosis, and happily over 4 years later she is alive and working and enjoying her family while feeling healthy.  She chose not to poison herself with toxic chemo-therapy or suffer the sickness of the effects of mechanical therapies for the last days of her life.  It would not make sense for me personally to choose a therapy of sickness just for a slight possibility of avoiding death for a month or two which is not guaranteed.  How about you?  Most people, because of fear, do choose the recommended approach by their doctors.  If I wasn’t aware of another choice, I would too.

Don’t misunderstand.  She is not cancer free or cured at all.  The cancer has advanced over the years and continues from what I’ve seen on her reports, and I have no idea how she will do in the future.  She does suffer moments where symptoms arise and we fear the cancer is progressing and may become life threatening again.  But this is very rare and to date the symptoms have always gone after a brief time and with only changing the therapy or remedy slightly.  There is no prognosis with natural therapies.  This is about looking at what is and what is not without prejudice.  She is not free from the fear of cancer either.  But, in reality these days none of us are.  She gets to live with it and feel well and participate in life which is a great blessing compared to 4 months of feeling horribly sick into death which she tells me happens to the people she sees when visiting her mainstream doctor.  Her mainstream doctor jokes with her about how she is his best patient because she never does anything he suggests.  Personally, I don’t find that funny.  It makes me sad for people I don’t know, but very happy for my client.  This is also just one person and does not mean my therapies are the best choice for any particular individual.  These are just my experiences, and observations.  I find information about what is and what is not without prejudice very useful.  Please come and visit my blog with big ears.

Best of natural health to you,


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