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Hope from Hopelessness, Naturally!

I’ve wished that people could just sit in my office next to me, day in and day out while I work, and experience for themselves what actually happens with people and their health naturally. People may not all be able to become a homeopathic practitioner to experience this, but I assume people with this level of understanding would certainly never live without homeopathy in their lives or the lives of their families.

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I don’t know of too many other places people can learn how to heal themselves naturally and effectively without the hype of natural fads which come and go such as weight loss diets, Mangosteen, Acai berry, and currently essential oils. These and other natural products have value and sometimes great value for certain individuals which make wonderful stories, but without addressing basic healing concepts such as the 5 pillars which you were able to read, these products only treat symptoms without addressing our overall health. Why I practice homeopathy is because nothing I’ve seen compares to the response from a correctly chosen homeopathic remedy nor the safety. And, healing with addressing the cause of the symptoms can be done without any remedy through lifestyle changes. And, nothing is safer than that.

Of greater concern for me as a natural practitioner is how mainstream media pre-eminently bought by pharmaceutical companies portray natural healing as archaic, non-scientific, driven by the placebo effect, or sometimes even outright fraudulent or harmful to protect their monopoly. This propaganda is very successful at generating fear and distrust for anything not represented by a medical doctor. Why do we think our medicine must be harmful to be effective? Is that not an archaic and maybe barbaric philosophy? And, why would we ask someone who believes something has to be able to harm to be effective if natural remedies are okay to use? Now, couple this issue with the incredible hype some natural products are given and I can understand why there is great mistrust of natural anything and sometimes the practitioners who use them.

I would like you to understand it is hard some days to live with the feeling and consciousness I put into a common phrase, “if people only knew.” I think about it every day in my office. I wish people could just witness the actual results produced from natural healing through these natural processes in their every day life without the hype of selling products or the fear based propaganda in the media.

I fantasize how these myths and fears would be easily dispelled by their experience. If our society could dump both the propaganda and the myths people would be free to build their own relationship with natural healing and bring themselves to the health, vitality, safety, and wellness they were meant to have naturally. It’s a great dream!

With this idealistic conclusion in my mind, this article will be about one of those experiences where no doubt can cross an individual’s mind of the value of natural healing. Because of the nature of this story I feel it is only fair to warn you in advance how this is not a complete success story. This is a real story without the hype or propaganda either positive or bad. Make your own conclusions… The story itself points out strongly some of the benefits I wish for people to thoroughly understand from working naturally even when all hope seems lost.

Scrabble Cancer

Breast  Cancer

Almost 20 years ago, near the beginning of my practice, a woman came into my office with breast cancer. She was in her early to mid-40’s. She opted to go with both the mainstream medicine route, which included mastectomy and chemo therapy, and any other help she could get from homeopathy. She was understandably in great fear. As for most people, the fear was not just for herself; she was the sole support of her daughter and her new granddaughter as well.

My memory of our experience so long ago, as the practitioner, is a little different than hers—as you will see.

When she talks about her experience that far back, she says she had no nausea and vomiting as she went through chemotherapy. She didn’t lose her hair, which was of great personal significance. Furthermore, she did much better than anyone expected—her doctors, her family, and herself included.

According to my memory, on the other hand, she did experience vomiting, without nausea, but only about the third day after chemo. No matter what I gave her, she would have to go through it for that day or two, but then it was done and she did not feel sick at any other time. As a practitioner, I have a tendency to remember primarily what I’m unable to do for a client. Despite this, I do also remember her stating how the doctors and nurses were very surprised at how well she recovered from the surgery and how easily she went through the chemo. I do believe she retained her hair which doesn’t always happen even with remedies.

She did extraordinarily well through the entire process we both remember this. These results alone show a great benefit of homeopathy and natural healing, but this is only a small beginning to her story.

We worked for another couple of years on and off when she could afford the time from work and cost to see me. She did take a drug recommended by her doctor to reduce the estrogen in her body. She did not take on the rigorous life style changes I proposed, which were intended to reduce stress and excessive work. Her life did not allow this change. She did temporarily take on some of the dietary changes recommended, but that soon drifted off.

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The  cancer  came  back!

I hadn’t seen my client for quite a few years, and one day she comes back into my office and the cancer is back after having been free of it for roughly 10 years. Now it is spread throughout her right lung from the bottom to almost the very top. She is sitting in my chair hunched over and in extreme pain because she just came out of the hospital the day before, and her right lung had been pierced to remove fluid that was keeping her from being able to breathe.

She was grumpy with me, which had never happened before. I understood this response was due to the intolerable pain. I immediately asked her to excuse me and went next door for a homeopathic remedy to help her body let go of the pain. Within 20 minutes, she reported feeling much better, she was no longer grumpy, and by the time she left, she reported mild discomfort but no remaining pain. Again, that alone would have been great help from homeopathy, as the homeopathic remedy is completely non-toxic. She and many of my other clients (not all) have reported that homeopathics provide more effective relief than the prescription painkillers which are toxic and potentially life threatening. However, this benefit does not compare to what we both experience moving forward together.

While in this visit my client also let me know how her cancer was now stage 4. The doctors were recommending chemotherapy. However her prognosis was very unfavorable with a 3 months probability of living without having aggressive chemotherapy, and 6 months with the chemotherapy but at a very poor quality of life. She outright opted to not do the chemotherapy in order to have a better quality of life for her last few months and to see what we could accomplish together. She was desperate, but also seemed ready to succumb to the inevitable.

As a practitioner these are moments we take very deep breaths and do what needs to be done.

Once I heard her report, we had a very serious conversation. I asked her: do you want to live? She said yes. So; I let her know she had to let go of the doctor’s prognosis. I made sure she understood this prognosis was given based on the tools they had available, and we were now going to use different tools and therefore we would have no way of knowing how long she had.

There is a term called “nocebo” we use in alternative health circles; it is the opposite of a placebo. If a placebo can cure roughly 35% of people, then what does a nocebo do? Telling someone they are going to die may just put that person into a state of dying. That is a life threatening issue unto itself which must be addressed!

To give a person hope in a hopeless situation may be viewed as almost cruel. But hope allows for a better quality of remaining life even if treatment fails; I can’t yet imagine the pain of living without hope.

I also view it as absolutely necessary to have some hope, or there would be no reason to pursue a different result other than death the minute any lingering discomfort is felt. Why stay for the pain? If we were to proceed, then she would have to be willing to fight through some pain or discomfort at various moments while healing. (Particularly this one!) That requires hope…

Please realize, I’m not writing about this issue to justify my approach; I choose what my clients ask for. I don’t use the same approach for everyone. If she had said she didn’t want to live, then it would have been a different approach. The reason for discussing this is because at some point in life, there is a high probability a loved one, or even ourselves, will be facing a similar situation. Maybe all of us will. What would you choose? When fear hits, do we succumb and abandon all hope, or do we get support to deal with it? And, if we do deal with it, is it out of panic, or what is best for our life, or the remainder of it? There is not an easy answer…

Luckily, (and yes I consider it educated luck) she had some very specific symptoms that led me to a very good remedy selection: Cheledonium. She went back to her doctor within a month, and the doctor came out beaming, saying how wonderful it was that the chemotherapy was working. The tumor in the right lung had regressed all the way down to just the very bottom, and it was even disappearing in her liver. (Neither my client nor I had known tumors were also in her liver at the time.) My client did not have the heart to actually tell her delighted doctor how she was not taking any chemotherapy at all, or any other medications other than the homeopathic remedies and dietary changes we had started.

The reason I say this is luck is because not always can you find such an obvious remedy leading to such a powerful and immediate response. I don’t want everyone thinking homeopathy is the magic bullet; it takes work, and sometimes does not have a reaction this extreme, as we will see.

So, for about a year, my client did very well. She soon didn’t feel any discomfort with deep inhalation like she had before even on shallow inspiration. She had no pain, and continued working as hard as she ever had. We met regularly for that year, and then she disappeared again for quite some time.

When she eventually came back, she let me know the tumors were growing again although slowly. I also learned that she had discontinued her consultations with me because she had lost both her house and her business and was in financial ruin because of the economic downturn. She had not been able to afford even the organic foods for her much-needed lifestyle changes. She could feel the tumor in her breathing again, and I believe this is when she let me know it was spreading to other areas of her body as well, such as her spine as shown on tests by the doctor.

To make a very long story shorter: we have gone through many ups and downs. She felt pain in her spine and her knee at one point and thought it was the cancer. It could have been, her doctor said it was so, but we used a remedy called Tellurium for her and the pain went away at that time. There were other scary moments where we were unsure if it was the cancer or something else and each of these we navigated through without permanent harm or persistent discomfort. These were brief episodes which caused great anxiety for her, but still resolved with her getting back to an almost entirely normal life.

Now, we have passed our five year mark of working together. She again has some pain in her other knee and we are working on it. She does not feel the cancer in her lungs or anywhere else. She is very thin, but on a remedy called Cinchona which keeps her energy going well. She still has the cancer. She also still has her life. She still works, although not as much as before. I don’t know where we will go from here; neither of us do. No one would say this is a miracle cure. However, what a miracle it is to live comfortably and usefully with your family 5 years beyond what was considered medically possible by more than one physician.

She currently gets help from a wonderful charity called ChemoWize so she can afford her natural supplements and homeopathics otherwise she would not be able to continue taking care of herself naturally.

For information regarding ChemoWize and to donate to this remarkable charity which supports alternative therapies and support for people with cancer, please visit their website at

Two Salmon splashing

I want to relate just one more recent story of working with this client to illustrate the great importance of natural healing and the possibilities beyond what is considered mainstream.

About 6 months ago we had a crisis moment: at home she went into seizures and unconsciousness. Everyone feared the cancer had spread to her brain, and that this was now the end; her family was racked with fear and grief. When they called me I recommended a remedy called Aconite. A few days later she walked into my office, slumped down into a chair, and told me she now has the cancer in her brain and fears she will die very soon; she was severely depressed.

Another one of those moments to breathe and just do what needs to be done.

I methodically went through the series of events with her that had led up to this traumatic incident. My client initially said she hadn’t changed anything, however, I learned from her granddaughter who escorted her to my office how she had been put on hospice by her doctor. The visiting nurse, seeing how thin she was, decided to put an anti-nausea patch behind her ear—even though she didn’t have nausea. The nurse legitimately wanted to help by increasing her weight and getting her to eat more.

When I researched this anti-nausea patch, I discovered that one of the primary side-effects of the medication are seizures and unconsciousness. I gave her a remedy for shock and brain trauma and then let her know if it were me I would never touch that drug again. She hasn’t touched that drug and has not had a problem with seizures or unconsciousness since (roughly 3 months from writing this article).

This episode highlights very important differences between mainstream therapies and what is possible through natural therapies and the consciousness of healing naturally.

Honestly, my client may have only months or maybe she has many years left. No one knows, not myself and certainly not medical science which says she should have died 5 years ago.

Over-the-counter and prescribed pharmaceuticals, from my experience such as this, have great potential to do harm, especially when someone is lighter of frame and weakened from a chronic condition. The hospice nurse was legitimately trying to be helpful and from her knowledge doing the right thing. However, using synthetic drugs has a cost and many times that cost is much greater than the benefit. Natural remedies rarely if ever have this cost. Homeopathics never have this cost.

To learn why homeopathic remedies are so safe, explore our website about using homeopathic remedies at

Natural healing looks at these health issues and addresses them with understanding, compassion, rigorous practices, common sense, and uses health items which do not have devastating consequences.

I wish people could witness what I experience almost every day. They would then gain from the experience a natural common sense with great value to choose what works naturally for their health.

Surely, the mystification of what is natural would then fall away for wonderful opportunities and surprising health changes and maybe small miracles like this for our society.

Best of natural health to you,


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