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Vaccinations: A Call for Freedom of Choice!

Click on this text for one of the best videos to demonstrate how we need parental and personal choice in vaccinations!US FlagMy apologies in advance. I’m not usually this intensely opposed to medical propaganda. I support my clients in making their own choices especially about vaccines for their children. But, this is a seriously dangerous policy for everyone. People with real experience need to speak up, Now…

This is at the very heart of mandated vaccinations! Wake UP!

At the Doctor’s Trial at Nuremberg after World War II, the Nuremberg Tribunal concluded that the state, science, and the medical community cannot sacrifice some individuals “for the greater good” of the rest. A utilitarian philosophy (practiced by Nazi Germany) maintains that for the greater happiness of the majority, a minority can be sacrificed. The Nuremberg Tribunal said a utilitarian philosophy is not a moral public policy and issued the Nuremberg Code, which defined the ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk-taking affirming the individual’s natural right to autonomy.

Informed consent to medical risk-taking is a human right. Vaccines carry risks that can be greater for some people. To force everyone — particularly when there’s no way of knowing who might be at risk — that’s utilitarianism, and it can not be allowed to anchor public health policy. It’s a false or pseudo ethic and an inhumane and immoral policy practiced by self interest and fear mongers.

Consider this quote very carefully because it represents millions.

“My family could be wiped out because we have autoimmunity in my family. We are vulnerable. We have severe allergies. My father had to wear a penicillin bracelet. My mother died of lupus. What they’re doing is they’re going to wipe out whole families if they continue to force people to use all the vaccines that the drug companies produce.”

Some people don’t even know that they or their family is sensitive! It may even be you, or your family now or in the future.

Vaccinations are medical Russian Roulette and multiple children are lost every time they are used! I’ve seen vaccinations take down all the children in a single family. Do you think you have the right to pick and throw any child under the bus? The Nazis made their choice.

Get a clue, you and yours may have passed safely through the vaccine schedule to this point but there are many new vaccines coming… If you allow this to continue now… at some point you and your family become the less superior race being sacrificed… it is inevitable!

Basic common sense…

We are currently being onslaught-ed with the push for vaccines to be mandatory on our children. Yet again taking both choice and freedom from the people. There are fear and shaming tactics being used to force the issue as well as articles with complete misrepresentations trying to state that vaccines are completely safe and the criticisms against them have been entirely debunked.

Pure absurdity.

In all common sense how can that even be possible?

Safety is actually a statistic which is never 100% even with foods.

Obvious proof vaccines are unsafe!

  • We have to sign papers giving up our rights to sue the doctor if harm comes to our children. If they are this safe let us sue doctors who sell us these medications directly as with anyone selling any other product.
  • Currently United States Law does not allow any person to directly sue the drug companies who make the vaccines if they feel harm has been done. We may only sue the federal government directly if they allow it. No pharmaceutical company is liable for damages if any are awarded in these instances. Any damages awarded come from the government which is us. Very disconcerting… We can only sue ourselves. Where is accountability? How can I trust this process where anything made can be of poor quality with absolutely no accountability for the product being harmful or defective?  How can you? Again let us sue pharmaceutical companies directly for harming our children when it happens.
  • No drug is ever the same as another in safety. Neither is any vaccine. Never has there been a drug without side-effects causing harm same with vaccines.
  • Certain countries ban certain vaccines. If they can have the freedom to choose why can’t we in America as a so-called free citizen?

Why is another country able to ban one of our commonly used vaccines yet I can’t evaluate whether my child is more at risk from the disease or the vaccine which was banned in another country for safety problems? How is it anyone else can make that choice over me as a parent for my children?

Merck a pharmaceutical company who makes vaccines was just caught trumping those great efficacy findings. If they trump those wouldn’t they trump the safety findings as well? Do we trust this process of pharmaceutical companies fully with no second opinion?

This is one of many many examples of our blind cultural trust:

How was it HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for women was thought to be beneficial for over 30 years to prevent the very diseases it is now known to cause such as cancer, heart disease, stroke? Wasn’t that the best science at the time? Wasn’t it approved by all governmental agencies with studies to show it? What if these had been made mandatory? How many more deaths related to these drugs would our women have faced? Yes it was successful for hot flushes. No it was not healthy for other conditions except maybe bone density levels on a test. Was that really worth risking the conditions mentioned plus a host of others? I would sooner suffer a break in my leg than cancer! Now these class of drugs are rarely recommended because of the great possibility of harmful effects far greater than any benefit.

You want more proof of non-accountability and the great length pharmaceutical companies have gone to make money over safety look up Vioxx. Over 60,000 deaths related to this one pharmaceutical drug with more than negligence related to the morality of the drug company. Yes it was Merck again who makes a lot of our vaccines.

My apologies again this is strong…

However I ask you to understand as a parent witnessing my eldest daughter being severely affected by vaccines and then experiencing an entire family devastated by vaccine so called “side-effects” on both their children. Those children have never recovered and neither has the family. Luckily we found my mentor who helped my daughter.

Even so, I never resort to pushing my beliefs about a choice like this, so I won’t.

But someone has to hold these outright criminals (in my opinion) who are hard lining for mandatory drugs forced on our children starting at birth while shaming people who make a different choice, and completely misrepresenting the facts.

It is not okay to force propaganda on a public to sell medications of any sort….

Even if you believe in vaccines, how can we possibly justify giving another one of our rights away as we just did with knowing whether GMO’s are in our food or not here in California? Isn’t it common sense to have a choice at the very least in regards to our health? Isn’t freedom knowing the facts?  Isn’t freedom having a choice based on real knowledge not propaganda? Freedom is lost when forced to do anything… let alone do what we feel is outright wrong and harmful. I would consider this a human rights violation on a grand scale.

Has our medical science really shown itself to be worthy of our trust to the point of no accountability, and we should no longer have a choice in our child’s health as a parent?

Hopefully you will do your own research before making the decision of whether to vaccinate or not.  Because for some children as in Shakespeare, “To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate,” that is a question of life or death either way you consider it!

I personally will never give that right up to people I don’t even know as a parent. Especially when they can never be held accountable. It would not be possible morally for me.

Why would you?

I don’t ask you to take my word on it, because I’ve already made my decision.  My kids are grown and healthy with my decision not to vaccinate after my eldest was harmed by her first vaccines.  Yes, my kids made it just fine without further vaccines. My youngest never having a single vaccine. And, she never hurt or put at risk another child for not having those vaccines or being just the way God made her.

But, I also ask that you don’t blindly trust companies who have absolutely no accountability and nothing to loose ever from making these choices mandatory for you and your children and the future of our societies health.

It is not healthy to give up any freedom let alone a parents right to protect his/her child the best they know how.

Please do not use the propaganda about how un-vaccinated children leave vaccinated children vulnerable. This has never shown to be the case in any double blind study. Just propaganda. If the vaccines were really helpful then they would protect the child vaccinated regardless of exposure that is what they are for, otherwise they are useless. In reality if vaccines were as effective as currently believed the children having the disease condition would fall first and others could take action to prevent the situation for vaccinated children and limit their exposure saving more lives. Just as a bird in a mine shaft filling with gas will die first so the miners are warned and can leave before dieing. Un-vaccinated children would be a benefit to vaccinated children by making the disease presence known. They are not born with it and don’t harbor it. That is an absolutely absurd notion.

What actually happens as in chicken-pox virus vaccinations where more densely vaccinated the children are the more incidence of chickenpox occur. Which means the more incidence of chicken-pox in vaccinated children. We can not blindly consider every vaccine as valuable as the next. Just as not every drug has proven to be safe. It is common sense, and we need the right to choose without propaganda from either direction. Just facts!

I beg of you to at very minimum allow us the right to choose what we believe is best for our children. Does the government ever really do anything 100% right? Is that your experience?

Are companies always self sacrificing without concern for profit?

It is not in my experience of 50+ years!

Protect all our freedoms and rights to say what goes into our bodies and what doesn’t. How would you like all medical procedures and drugs deemed valuable to be forced upon you with no choice and no second opinion? Why do it to our kids? Do you take all your medications regardless of how they make you feel? Is it ever okay to be disallowed a second opinion or the judgement from your own experience? Why should you be able to force me to ignore my experiences and judgments of what I have seen directly harm my children and other people’s children? To do so I would have to completely ignore a moral obligation to my children and others.

I also thought we were told not all genetics are the same? If so, then some people’s genetics will not survive some vaccines and we are sentencing those children to death in hopes of saving others, maybe. Who has the right to make that decision over the evaluation of each individual parent?

Not me… and not you!

Let’s stand together for human rights not company propaganda!

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