Basic Information about Homeopathy and Adjunct Therapies as Practiced by Ron Frank, D.H.M., D.I.Hom., CNHP

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Homeopathic treatment: Is based on a simple yet profound phenomenon in nature. The only healing therapy in the world today which is considered to be based on a natural law. Similia Similibus Currentur. Simply stated, it means, “like cures like.”


Gemmotherapy: Is a method of drainage in which toxins are extracted from the cellular level outwards to the exterior through the excretory organs. Basically it is a way to detoxify the body and discharge accumulated waste and debris.


Nutrition: Basic theory of nutritional healing is to furnish whatever nutritional element the body is missing in order to help it heal. Many times nutritional healing is exactly the opposite and requires finding out what the body is being toxified by, then restricting the substance involved in order to allow our body to heal itself.


Oligotherapy: Also, known as trace element therapy is a method of furnishing the body ions that the organism cannot synthesize and which are indispensable for cellular enzymatic functions.


Loomis Digestive Enzyme Therapy: Stress and other factors in our lives and lifestyles can contribute to poor digestion. Enzymes are a great support to enhance our nutritional capability and health.


Lifestyle changes: This is simply a recommendation to remove obstacles in the way of healing, if safe to do so, and checking to make sure it produced a result in the improvement of health.


Practical Herbalism: Herbs are foods we no longer eat. Because of the limitation of a standard diet these herbs have become medicinal for us. Herbs are really another adjunct to basic nutrition.


The homeopathic, gemmo-therapeutic, oligo-therapeutic, Loomis Digestive Enzyme Therapies, Lifestyle changes, herbs, and nutritional supplementation services provided by Ron Frank, D.H.M. are not licensed by the State of California where Ron’s offices are located. Services provided by Ron Frank, D. H.M., D.I.Hom., CNHP are considered complimentary or alternative health care and under the California Senate Bill SB-577, do not require licensure to practice. Nor is there licensure available in the state of California at this time.


Ron Frank, D.H.M., D.I.Hom., CNHP has been practicing homeopathy and adjunct therapies here in Palmdale, California for the past 23 years. Ron has received his D.I.Hom. degree from the British Institute of Homeopathy, U.S.A., and his D.H.M. degree from the Hahnemann College, London, England. In addition Ron has completed a 200 hour course with the College of Homeopathy, U.S.A., and has been an advisor to this college. Ron was mentored by Dr. Tennakoon George L. DeSilva and further trained in his clinic. Ron has taken multiple courses, seminars, in gemmotherapy, oligotherapy, nutrition, Loomis Digestive Enzymes, Herbalism, as well as homeopathy and continues to educate himself in these fields of healing as opportunity allows. For more extensive information on homeopathy and adjunct therapies please visit our website at

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