Health Blues

Have You Worked on Your Health Until You’re Blue in the …?

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to keep a diet, or to improve your health and keep it up?

This post is about the exact connection between mind and body which reveals what may seem to look like self-sabotaging behavior when it comes to our health.

Are you blue in the … when you think about taking on another diet or lifestyle change to improve your health?

I know I am…

Just visiting with friends, going to a movie, eating out, etc. Any of these social activities is just a bear to reckon with. Not to mention just coming home after a long day at the office. And, don’t you dare think of taking away my chocolate! Just substitute your favored treat or addiction you reserve for yourself.

At times all of us are just fed-up with behaving healthy.

Have you figured out it’s part of being human yet?  Or, are you still thinking it’s something wrong with you?

What if I could alleviate all your guilt and show you how it is a necessary part of us, and is totally not personal?  You’re not broken.  You’re alive!  It is a part of all of us.

To understand this phenomenon you first have to understand a part of what it means to be alive….

Addiction is not a disease!

Have you ever noticed we don’t crave broccoli or carrots when we are stressed?

What if I told you as a human being you are a living community.

Could you understand that?

Every organ and tissue has a consciousness. Do you tell your heart to beat? Do you tell your liver to process the alcohol you drank or store sugar in the form of glycogen? Of course not. Your consciousness is separate from these other processes, even though you do them.

Now how would you get a bunch of different consciousness organized in the same community? How do we get all your tissues, organs, and parts organized? How about billions of cells? Pretty easy actually. Just put the “Fear of God” into them for survival and they will all quit doing anything else but what it takes to survive.

You can see this in our society. Normally we are all going in different directions each individual desires. However, if we are at war, it is a different story. In fact it doesn’t matter what color I am or what beliefs I have when we are fighting in the trenches together against a common enemy. Does it? Does this war camaraderie last when we return home and we both need the same job? Now, who deserves it more? I have to feed my family and I am not going to let that so and so of another color, belief, community, class, or sexual preference make my kids starve! All of a sudden, instead of protecting each other we are in competition and going back to our individual ways.

So back to the question, why don’t we crave broccoli or carrots instead of our favorite chocolate, coffee, alcohol, sugar, or drugs? I mean, why don’t I come home at night after a stressful day and tell my wife to please hand me a salad because I need to relax for a couple hours in front of the TV? Or, why don’t I get out of bed in the morning on the early days and ask for some blueberries to perk me up so I can get to work on time?

Really, why not?

The simple and obvious answer is because a salad, carrots, broccoli, are healthy food… not…what?

Those other substances are different in some way!

They are different because they cause cell death in our body to specific organs and tissues when we are susceptible to them. They harm us to relieve some stress… Isn’t that what any drug does? One of my best friends destroyed his heart with alcohol and cigarettes. He knew they were hurting him… But, he didn’t stop…

In other words, these other substances are not food, and not healthy in the normal way we think. Yes, that means they are not healthy even if a study shows they are, at least not in the normal way we think… It doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a benefit to them when used appropriately. It just means they are not the same as foods and there is something about them where they attack specific tissues of our body. Otherwise we would not use them for specific responses in handling stresses.

I term this process “Remedy by Harm.”

Please don’t confuse “Remedy by Harm” as a simple addiction. This is in everyone, and so much more than an addiction… This is the mind/body connection.

How many times have we been on a diet but go to a party where everyone else is eating and drinking items which are not on our diet and we succumb to that pressure? All of us know smoking is just deadly, but many people, good people, still smoke.

A “Remedy by Harm” is a very important part of our make up as a living being. If we didn’t have them we would not survive!

Here’s why:

Our body only responds to our environment, it does not rationalize. Rationalization is the quality of our consciousness when reading this article. My liver or heart is not reading this. The consciousness that “I am” is reading it.

The quality of our bodies consciousness is completely different. Our body consciousness is pure response.

Now what is our body responding to when it desires a “Remedy by Harm?

So, our body consciousness understands a simple truth. The truth is we can not allow any pressure whether emotional or physical to stay persistent against us without a sufficient time for rest. Without sufficient time for rest, the tissues in our body that have to deal with the physical or emotional pressure will die. Just like we will eventually die without getting sleep. Just like our muscles would fail and die if we just continued to work them out and not rest them. All living organs and tissues need to have a rest period to recharge, resource, and revitalize.

Where we see this the best is when a person is unconscious in the hospital. If a person is unconscious and not moving then a nurse needs to turn them over every few hours in the bed, otherwise they get horrible bed sores which would eventually kill them. This is just the pressure of lying on ourselves which if unchanged would eventually kill us. Without rest from any pressures the specific tissues dealing with that pressure die. It is a life threatening situation to have a constant pressure at any part of us without a rest.

Our body responds to these pressures automatically as a part of our environment. So, if we don’t change, our body has to change by a response. And, the response our body chooses is?

The response our body always chooses is a “Remedy by Harm.” Our body needs a “Remedy by Harm” to focus all other organs and tissues away from the current focus as a community response.

Again, we don’t crave broccoli. We don’t crave that salad to calm us down after the long and stressful day. We don’t get up to the smell of a steaming bowl of carrots to wake us up and get to work on time.


What we crave is always a “Remedy by Harm.”

This is a consciousness that is normal and part of survival in every living creature. As humans though, I make the assertion it is out of control for humanity in particular, because what is available to us doesn’t change with the seasons anymore. We have grocery stores, convenient stores, fast foods, etc. We can get any of these items we are desiring at any time of day or night. I don’t believe I have ever gone to the grocery store at midnight for my carrots. Maybe to get some ice cream though if desired on a relaxing fun weekend. (Although personally I have not had cow milk ice cream in about a decade).

Do we do broccoli runs?


By the way, a “Remedy by Harm” always has to destroy specific cells in our body, or our body does not respond as a community to give a break from the other persistent physical or emotional pressure.

Just like the guy in the trenches with us fighting a mutual enemy. We have no considerations about his different beliefs, racial qualities, sexual preferences, social tensions while the battle is on. We can only focus as a living community on what is most immediately threatening our survival. So, we have to feel it threatens our survival even more than what we are currently dealing with before it changes focus.

Have you ever noticed if something is really a horrendous problem that you may not be able to get drunk for awhile even if trying. Or, have you ever had the experience of a previously effective sleeping pill or natural remedy not being able to help sleep when a particularly worrisome problem is being faced by you or a loved one?

As a living community, we only respond to what we feel is most immediately life threatening.

Chronic ailments and disease are born of this process because the repetition of using a “Remedy by Harm” creates the exact problem our bodies are trying to avoid.

A constant pressure on certain organs or tissues is created with repetitive use of our favorite treats, stimulants, or drugs.

Like the bed sores mentioned prior. Using alcohol once or twice is no issue for us if not too large a dose. Same with smoking or sugar or chocolate or coffee. None of these are an issue if used with enough rest in between to completely regenerate the tissues that are attacked by them. However, repetitive use without enough period of rest eventually and always creates a serious harm. That period of rest needed varies for each individual and each substance imbibed.

Now you know:

Self sabotage is part of every human beings survival. Without this mechanism we would not be able to survive.

Addiction is not a disease!

You now have no reason to have guilt over this either. You couldn’t live without it! It is an absolute necessary part of every living creature.

You also know that what you crave like this is always harmful. (By the way… it isn’t just foods… but that is for another article to disclose).

We all face health issues at some point in life born of this very natural part of us. “Remedies by Harm” create chronic ailments and conditions. Actually they are the number one cause! In a future article I will describe how bacteria and viruses only become a problem when an imbalance is created by “Remedies by Harm.” And, yes there are societal “Remedies by Harm” too.

Maybe you can also see how these ailments and conditions are expressing because our society has made an unnatural environment for us by not changing the availability of foods and substances with the seasons as in our past. We just ship it in from China, or South America if our coffee is not locally in season. How much coffee would we actually be able to grow in say… Montana if we just stuck to local and seasonal? Or, we stock up on our desired substances with preservation techniques so we are never without it. This constant access is a barrage and constant pressure needing a relief, a rest period away from it.

Our chronic ailments also express because we have not yet consciously dealt with a pressure hitting us physically or emotionally that is persistent. When I feel I’ve had a bad day I don’t run into the house desiring my wife to hand me that salad. Do you? Now if those bad days are more than just every once-in-awhile then we are using a “Remedy by Harm” chronically. But, this needs to be dealt with in a specific way and a specific time which we address in the office…

I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoy writing it. This is information that really is not being addressed fully in the world right now. This is a very specific mind body connection which directly creates, I say, most of our chronic ailments and conditions. We need to shed the light of day on this to become healthy again… And, for our society to become healthy again…

If you see value in it, please invite someone else you care about to read it too…


My best to you always,












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    1. Post

      Answering your question Mom, “Why does the body choose food that “Remedies by Harm” instead of food that remedies without harm? We do this in order to give rest to the area that is feeling pressure to begin with. It gives us pleasure with that release too. It is a response to stop tissues from dieing that are under a constant barrage. We are communities, and to focus the community that we are away from expressing symptoms from a specific area of our body we respond by craving something that attacks another part of us creating a more life threatening issue. No longer is the previous issue the most immediately life threatening issue, so our body gives a break from responding to the original issue while responding to the more immediate and stronger attack. Broccoli and carrots won’t do this only a substance that can kill cells in our body or make us feel we are now in a more immediately life threatening issue. It is hard to hold these concepts sometimes in our heads. However, you can see this in life over and over. A Dr. or nurse will pinch a person to distract or avoid the pain of the needle they are afraid of. A person won’t get sick till they go on vacation because the job is held as a more immediately life threatening issue for them than the ailment they already carry within them. Many smokers don’t catch colds or flu because the smoking is a stronger poison. And, the smoking itself is used to avoid an anxiety. But, see what happens if a smoker or drug addicted person lets go of their addictive substance and again they get very sick just like the person finally going on vacation from a stressful job. If a person is sick but gets into an accident the symptoms will mostly disappear if the accident is felt to be more of a life threatening issue than the sickness until the accident issue is behind them then the symptoms of the sickness returns. You can even see spontaneous healing done by contracting one disease while another was in play. As a community of life, we only respond to what we feel is most immediately life threatening temporarily relieving symptoms of a less immediately life threatening situation. You can even see this with the news we choose to watch on TV. Is it good news? No we are attracted or addicted to the bad news again setting up a consciousness of a more immediately life threatening situation to distract our body from something else. This is just a response we do as living communities. I hope that helps. I will be writing about this a lot. It is not spoken about anywhere else that I am aware of. But, many times it is what helps me to be effective where others have been ineffective with health. Good question by the way! It is not easy to understand or express. I need the practice…
      Here is a link I did for your grand kids about “Remedies by Harm.” It might help to see me express it. It is quite personal and not a professional video.

  1. Hi Dr. Frank,

    Great article! We have spoken about this topic before in your office. So I have familiarity with the content.

    When the body brings its attention to the more life threatening issue, and there was a preexisting issue that is now seen as less threatening – is that preexisting issue then “cured” even momentarily due to to the contrast of the new life threatening issue? I agree that symptoms seem to subside when something more “threatening” is introduced, but I’m seeing that fear or calling on the past has it’s ways of wanting to hold on to things less desired. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you and I greatly appreciate you and your dedication!

    1. Post

      Great to hear from you. Yes I remember our conversations very well. The pre-existing issue would only be cured if the current more immediately life threatening issue was very similar to it. Most the time it is not similar and will do what we call temporarily relieve the symptoms or divert attention of the body away from what it was doing again temporarily. This would last until the newer more immediately life threatening issue dissipates to not being more the most immediately life threatening issue at hand. Once it dissipates the previous symptoms would return and most of the time worsened.

      Not sure I understood the statement about fear from the past… If something currently took your attention because of it being more threatening that past would be forgotten temporarily but after the new trauma was lessened it would return with a vengeance. For the most part newer more immediately life threatening items are not healing they are distracting but with the consequence of lessening our overall energy and depleting us. If they occur repeatedly then we keep loosing more and more energy and eventually that causes new symptoms. I hope I’m addressing your questions. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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