Internet Bullies

Social Media Witch-Hunting of Homeopathy

The  Wolves:

A funny thing happened on the way to my new twitter account! This week I experienced my very first social media attack while just putting out tweets about updated articles on my website on the history of homeopathy.

It started with just one individual, which was kind of fun. This tweeter was very experienced and fanatically committed to discrediting homeopathy (although not very bright, despite his twit having “dr” at the beginning of it).

I asked him to disclose his specialization, because his childish behavior on a social media platform is not what I would expect from a medical professional. He finally blocked me, (without disclosing who he was, or even if he was a real doctor) even though he had started the conflict by tagging his propaganda on my tweets in the first place.

However, I was very grateful that he blocked me, because I had not yet learned how to block on twitter, and to that point had no choice but to spend my time and energy defending myself.

As it turned out, blocking is the only thing which kept me on twitter…

As I continued to work on my articles, I soon had 5 more attackers on my tweets all at once. They literally tagged my social media with their hate of homeopathy and twisted everything I would tweet and did their best to try and discredit and call me (and homeopathy) names and set me up to say things that don’t represent homeopathy or myself.

It felt like I was being hunted in the middle of a pack alone.

A tweet is never longer than a couple sentences, which are always easy to twist into about anything you want especially if planned and well thought out. Furthermore, it is difficult to properly present the inner-workings of the science of homeopathy in a couple tweets.

However, a supporter of homeopathy noticed the attack on my tweets, and taught me how to simply block them. Furthermore, she encouraged me to continue my work. This was not a professional homeopath who came to my rescue; it was just an individual who uses homeopathy for their health and their family. However, she is greatly despised by these social media wolves because of her support for homeopathy.

I believe she rallied or tweeted other homeopathic supporters who began to support me as well. They informed me that these individuals are paid to discredit homeopathy, and have paid organizations set up across the world from Germany to Chile to do so. Some were also people paid by pharmaceutical companies to discredit anyone who spoke out against mandated vaccines on social media.

Luckily, I feel I held my own, recognizing their dogma, name calling, and outright entrapment (such as “are you calling me a liar?”) as a set-up to present their pre-formulated attacks.

When another homeopathic supporter called the pack “bullies”, the bullies responded with questions like, “do you consider misleading people who are sick and vulnerable bullying?”

My reply: “Simply don’t deny, until you try! Homeopathy –safe, gentle, effective!”

What I really wanted to reply with was much stronger… “Homeopathy does not lead people away from medicine. Pharmaceutical side-effects and toxicity bring people to homeopathy!”

Another I had waiting was, “Obviously you prefer Vioxx! 60,000 dead! Pharmaceutical deceit and misinformation. Toxic substance used on ill and vulnerable people in pain, now dead.”

It is easy to get frustrated and irritated when you are being attacked.

This is what they want.

My Vioxx response is aggressive, full of anger, and could turn people away from my work as a healer although completely true. The first is quite a statement by itself, and I chose to tweet it later by itself and not as a reply to being attacked.


One particularly dangerous tweet set up for entrapment was, “You must admit if you treated a diabetic with homeopathy you’d kill them.” Which I failed to respond to at all, because I was tired of being in the center of the pack and just blocked the individual without response.

I want any homeopathic or holistic practitioner to know this was a potentially dangerous entrapment! It was set up for me to claim that homeopathy treats diabetes, which would have been a very vulnerable and big mistake on several levels.

However, what I would have said is, “diabetes type 2, in most instances, is completely reversible with diet and lifestyle change (this is recognized by western medicine). A homeopath is trained to remove obstacles to healing, and would be very effective with an individual if the individual were willing and able to make those changes.”

To long for twitter!

Without being able to fully describe my position, it is dangerous to engage in such short phrases. They are easily twisted out of my context. I prefer to keep simple advertisement responses.

However, note that since I tweeted, “Try before you deny,” and it got picked up and re-tweeted, an entire article has been published online to discredit this idea. They are organized and fanatical.

Just remember if you are a holistic practitioner…they are well organized and paid. They are constantly working to discredit and are out to burn the witch!

It seems more like a waste of time to try and overcome their propaganda, and blocking them works very well!

We also want to make it clear that homeopathy never treats a specific medical condition without addressing the individual.

Now, there are tens of thousands of medical doctors who do treat with homeopathy throughout the world, and you may think they could make that statement safely. However, in my opinion, a medical doctor who treats his/her patients with homeopathy is even more at risk from the opposition than I am–at least in the U.S.

Statements about treating disease with homeopathy could potentially be a problem for a medical doctor if they said a remedy was used to treat a specific condition, rather than an individual person, because each medical condition has standard medically recognized treatment therapies. Western medicine does not treat their own well if they use a different therapy other than those ordained by the pharmaceutical industry.

Medicine also refuses to acknowledge very strong evidence that homeopathic remedies have healed diagnosed conditions. Homeopathy was made famous by being miraculously successful with raging worldwide epidemics in particular. These are now diagnosed conditions.

We must acknowledge in this day and age that western medicine does not treat people; it treats medical diagnosis. It may be considered false information to state that homeopathic remedies treat any diagnosed medical condition, since there is a conspiracy to cover up the evidence of effectiveness concerning homeopathic remedies–and honestly homeopathic remedies are not recommended based on any specific medical condition. They are recommended based upon symptoms as expressed by an individual. This is what makes homeopathy incredibly effective because people don’t fit into a simple diagnosis.

Homeopathy treats the person–not a diagnosed disease.

I warn other homeopaths or any alternative practitioners to avoid engaging any social media attacks unless they are completely ready, and have had time to really think about their responses. This is not easy when engaged by a pack of entrapping wolves on a witch hunt and you are in the middle and considered the witch to be burned!

It is always good to note that it would be incorrect to say homeopathy treats any specific medical condition (according to the rules of western medicine). It is always correct to say homeopathy treats the individual’s specific expression of symptoms with remedies, and includes intimate detail about aspects of their life and health.

I’m a Homeopath, Not a Doctor!

Any good healer will spend the time to find out how the conditions of the person developed and what is currently triggering the symptoms and keeping them from healing (obstacles to cure), and then address the totality of what the individual needs. This is absolutely not how medicine approaches health.

Medicine looks to diagnose in a very small and compact mechanical organ specific criteria and give a drug according to the diagnosis in a very short time frame.

No comparison between the two!

Please be careful in your social media responses if you are a practitioner of any alternative, complementary, holistic, healing practice!

As a homeopath, I personally do not want to be seen as a doctor. I technically have a doctorate in homeopathy, but I refer to it as a diploma and insist my clients not call me doctor.
I would find it almost an embarrassment to be considered a person who diagnoses and sells a drug which in the long run debilitates a patient’s health and lowers their quality of life, often hooking them on this medication for life.

Please never associate me with that. I would suggest you never associate yourself with that either if you are a practitioner of homeopathy, even if medically trained.

Although I have not had much chance as of yet to experience more of these attacks, this attack opened my eyes quite a bit. I responded with items which helped me express better my views on how great homeopathy really is!

It also opened my eyes as to how far the pharmaceutical industry will go to steal market share, and keep people away from a gentle and effective healing therapy.

We are needed! Homeopathy is needed more than ever!

Consider how if homeopathy is able to help an individual, a pharmaceutical company will lose lifelong generated income from that individual. That is no small amount. I’ve seen people have much higher monthly payments on their medical insurance or pharmaceuticals than I have for a monthly payment on a car, or a house. Over the lifetime of one individual it is easily several cars or even several houses.

Living on pharmaceuticals represents always being in debt without acknowledging it, especially when we pay the insurance company monthly and not the doctor or pharmacist directly for services rendered and condition cured. When is there ever a cure with pharmaceuticals?

I might feel grateful for the pain relief of a pharmaceutical drug, but I don’t want to have to pay someone else’s monthly payment on a new car or house to get it! More importantly I don’t want to suffer the consequences of those drugs in long term use on my body. Why would I destroy my organs with an opiate and become addicted in order not to feel?

It may be our current tradition to do just that here in the US, but I personally choose to participate with that as little as possible. I would rather save that house, that car, and pass them to my children if possible, and not be a slave to a pharmaceutical habit.

Personal Values!

I also want to pass along to my children knowledge about their ability to heal themselves without harm.

Homeopathy is safety first!

I want to give them a great quality of life and happiness without the fear of financial devastation from injury or disease.

I want them to be able to take care of themselves and understand what brought on their condition.

I want them to recognize that if they need to take a drug to handle symptoms, this means that the causes of their ill health were never addressed and will return with a vengeance.

I want them to be able to address those causes themselves, naturally, and authentically heal themselves so they’ll never have to live on drugs or be afraid of toxic life-threatening and damaging side-effects.

I want them to understand there is no such thing as side-effects there are just other-effects which eventually will happen. The term side-effects is a sales ploy to lessen the fear of a harmful substance.

I have these same goals for myself and my clients as well…

Because of these goals it looks like we will be dealing with a witch-hunt on homeopathy until our society decides to disallow this kind of McCarthyism, corporate hate crime, witch-hunting, and blackballing in our society!

I would and I do consider each of those a form of bullying at best.

I ask anyone who cares for their health in a natural way, vitamins, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc. to stand together against all hate crime productively and with great thought.

Homeopathy is worth it. Our health is worth it. The health of our children is worth it.

Health freedom for us all!

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